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I have turned to Susan multiple times for her intuitive, kind and humorous approach to help me live my best life. I have had amazing success stories as a direct result of her Space Clearing techniques, Energy Healing and Intuitive Consultations. I have also referred friends to her and they have come away from their sessions with the same results. I am so grateful for her guidance, intuitive understanding and support.  


Jonathan De La Torre, Los Angeles


Susan is living out of her heart and soul when she is working with you.  She is gentle, kind, respectful and so passionate about what she is doing. I experienced Susan going above and beyond on my behalf.  I have made significant changes as a result of her input into my life. This is a gift you must give yourself!!  I gave Susan as a gift to my daughter, and she too, was blessed by Susan's insights, intuition and healing hands.  I confidently recommend Susan to you!

Joy M. San Francisco, CA


I offer my unreserved testimonial to Susan’s intuitive talents for healing, metaphysical knowledge, positive personal development and well-being. Susan possesses a passion for providing a path of healing, wellness and transformative personal growth for her clients. Susan’s integrative, creative and compassionate approach, coupled with her experience, has made all the difference in my personal journey towards better physical/mental health, elevated consciousness and heightened mindfulness.  In consulting with Susan, she has cleared negative energy from my home and person. Susan’s Reiki and Angel healing has brought a renewed sense of balance and serenity and the ability to better deal with stressful situations.

Sean Swofford, Los Angeles, CA


First and foremost, I'd like to thank Susan for being so positive and such an amazing healer. She was very knowledgeable and in tune with the energy in my house.  We walked around and talked about what I was looking to accomplish and she completely understood my intentions.  She brought tools and gave me remedies to take control of my space and I felt the shift almost immediately.  I enjoy being in my home and it feels so much brighter.

Patti Goldsmith, Los Angeles, CA


Susan Hegel did an amazing clearing on our home (via Skype).  Neighbors on both sides were encroaching onto the property, trees on both our property and our neighbor’s property were creating hazards, the upper and lower floors in the house felt too separate, and we were beset with cost overruns since purchasing the property, jeopardizing our finances.  After the clearing, one neighbor volunteered to fix their dangerous trees, another neighbor “backed off” and quit intruding on our space and I rearranged almost all of the artwork in the house so that the whole house feels much better.  Since the clearing, I’ve had more success in business and we seem to be able to hold onto our money longer.  No major new repairs have been needed.  She also helped me discover the reason that the trees on our property were in danger so that I could remedy the situation. Prior to Susan’s clearing, I had other clearings done on the house.  Hers had an immediate and more beneficial impact.  I think she is a talented healer and highly recommend a clearing.  I am so grateful that she did a clearing for us.

RJB, Pacific Northwest

Susan is a genuine, loving, bright shining soul. She is truly connected and will make you feel at ease and easy to trust. She is compassionate, has a vast amount of knowledge and can help you throughout your path. I give her a ton of stars and highly recommend her!


Lisa M. Valley Village, CA


My (long) distance (energy) session was very powerful. We got directly to the heart of it! It felt wonderful to let go of energy that I never was able to release with my own practice. I feel much more grounded and centered.

Michele D. Glen Dale, WV


Our salons feel much better since Susan completed the clearing. I can breathe more freely, and the space is calmer and more soothing.  Interestingly, more of our clients started falling asleep during treatments. It's been a real pleasure to be at work.

Thank you Susan! You are amazing!

Love Your Body Endermologie

West Hollywood & Manhattan Beach


Susan is amazing! A powerful, intuitive healer who is thoughtful, caring, supportive and knowledgeable.
As soon as I stepped into her healing room I felt safe and at ease. I was instantly bathed in a peaceful sense of knowing that Hegel Healing (Susan) was the right place for me to begin my journey of healing...I did not leave disappointed. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Susan!


Eve E. Thousand Oaks, CA


I had an idea that Space Clearing would give a lovely, clear, peaceful vibe to my home (which I use for business as well) but what I didn’t expect were the dramatic, positive results that began to take place almost immediately following Susan’s work.  Clearing the entire area, Susan gave very specific attention to some parts of each room.  She gave recommendations to address stagnant energy that may have been causing distress or disease, even on a subtle level.  The intention I’d created beforehand included surrounding each person who entered to feel joy, calm and peace.  Shortly after the clearing, I started hearing comments from people to that exact effect!  Based on Susan’s guidance and recommendations, I also had two very specific results:
1) Had to do with the “abundance corner” which is important in every home, but especially since my home is used for my business ventures.  Just 3 weeks after the Clearing I got news that a monthly income stream would go up by several hundred dollars!  This was completely unexpected and required NO ADDITIONAL WORK ​ON MY PART!
2) For six months we’d been living with the back yard fence half fallen over due to a storm.  It looked bad, plus was preventing gardening work in the perennial beds around it.  The landlord we rent from and the neighbor with whom we share that fence were both “sitting on the fence” about who should repair it.  In a few weeks following the Clearing, not only was the fence repaired but our lovely trees were given a much-needed trimming.  Now it’s a pleasure to spend time in the backyard!  I was so happy with the outcome of all that happened as a result of Susan’s wonderful energy and Clearing work in my home.  The ongoing bright, healing and light energy brings me joy every day.  Susan is intuitive, sensitive, and patient in working with clients.  Her sense of humor is one of her most appealing traits and makes what can be very difficult work, a pure pleasure.

MM, Idaho

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