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9 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR A PSYCHIC READING How to Get the Biggest Bang For Your Psychic Reading Buck

Whether you've been getting psychic readings for quite some time, or you've just scheduled your first psychic reading, the steps you take before, during and after your session can enhance the overall success of your session. These simple tips will help you get the most for your money.

1. Meditate, or engage in a contemplative practice before the reading. Meditation will help keep your energy and attention focused on the session. Focused attention helps your guides send clearer messages to your reader for interpretation.

2. Write out some questions before the session. This will save time during the reading and help direct your focus and attention toward the things that matter most to you. If you aren't sure what to ask write something like this: "What message will help me live my best life?"

3. Be open to the process. As is true with most things in life, you get out what you put in. In terms of an intuitive reading one of the most important things you can put in is your willingness to believe that your reading can help you live your best life. It may help you decide whether to take that new job, marry the man or woman of your dreams, or take that backpacking trip to a Europe.

4. Ask your reader if it's okay to record the reading. Readings can be packed with information that is very easy to forget. Having a recording is an excellent way to confirm information later. Sometimes messages come through that you don't understand at the time, but later it makes sense, so you will want to go back to hear that message. Then you'll say, "Oh now ok get it!"

5. Allow extra time before the session. The last thing you want is to begin your reading feeling pressured for time. When you are rushed it's more difficult to focus and direct your attention. This can make it more difficult for your guides, angels and your reader to send and receive messages. Without a doubt your session will be more enjoyable if you are in a relaxed state; something rarely achieved if you feel rushed.

6. Within 6 hours after your reading take an Epsom salt bath. Those minerals and salts (Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt) help our bodies release any feelings or memories that may come up during your reading.

7. Be sure to double down on your water intake before, during and after. The energy is burning off and the water will help your system flush.

8. Allow extra time after the session. You will want this time to reflect; perhaps to marvel at the amazing messages you received! Journal your thoughts and impressions. New ideas can surface during this process.

9. Enjoy your reading. Approach the reading as your opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered, gain insight, make contact with other realms, or simply to be mesmerized by the accuracy of the information that is coming to you. The possibilities that present themselves with a gifted psychic are endless.

Putting one or two of these tips into practice in preparation for your reading will improve the overall quality of the reading, putting several or all of these tips into practice will improve the quality even more. The goal is to open the flow of energy between you and your reader which in turn opens gateways into the unseen and fascinating world of messages delivered by a psychic or medium.

For more information click the Intuitive Consultations tab on this website.

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