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ELEMENTAL SPACE CLEARING®: Housekeeping for the Invisible Grit and Grime of Everyday Living

OM Mudra - photo: Melissa Kim Corter

Have you ever walked into a home or business and suddenly realized you weren’t breathing deeply, or something just felt “off?” More likely than not that space is in need of Elemental Space Clearing®. The spaces and places where we live and work can act like a sponge absorbing everything going on within its walls. Our spaces are capable of holding joy, fear, illness, celebrations, sadness, all the things that happen in everyday living. These energies can accumulate as easily as dust on a window sill; until someone breaks it up and moves it out that dust continues to gather and grow.

Elemental Space Clearing® addresses the “dust on the window sills” clearing it out and bringing in revitalized energy that refreshes your space. Think of spring cleaning — instead of the stuff you throw out, like the bar bells you’ve been tripping over or the slippers that have seen better days, space clearing throws out old energies that have been doing nothing to serve you. Who wants to hold on to old useless stuff?


Top Ten Reasons To Clear Your Space with Elemental Space Clearing®

1. You’ve never had a clearing in your home or office

2. You want to bring greater abundance into your life

3. You’re preparing to sell a home

4. You’re moving into a new home or office

5. You want to draw new business to your doorstep

6. You would like to improve or repair relationships

7. You want to give your creative muscle a boost

8. You have been ill and want an extra boost for your recovery

9. You feel stuck in trying to achieve a goal

10. A trauma has occurred in your home or to any of the occupants


We will meet for an initial consultation (in person or Skype) to discuss your desired intentions specifically what do you want more or less of in your life. This consultation typically lasts 45 minutes. I can’t promise you will win the lottery, but I have seen some pretty cool things come to fruition simply by setting clear strong intentions.

After the consultation I will design an altar reflecting your intentions. The altar acts as a grounding station and also as a specific place to focus and hold our intentions. No two altars are ever the same and I provide you with a report outlining the items on your altar and why they are there.

Ceremony Altar - photo: Hegel Healing

Mudras are also chosen. Mudras are sacred hand movements that are designed to assist with bringing in your intentions. Mudras have roots in ancient Sanskrit where these hand movements were used for a number of things including removing energy blocks from your body.

Diamond in the Sky Mudra - photo: Melissa Kim Corter

There are many different tools utilized to break up old energy. Among them, rattles, singing bowls, bells, aromatherapy, drums, sage and clearing sprays. There are also tools that assist in reading energy such as a pendulum (also known as dousing) and finger-mapping.

Space Clearing Tools - photo: Hegel Healing

As we shake off the remnants of winter and begin to crave fresh air, garden planting and open doors; think about clearing out all of the “stuff” of winter (or many winters!) with Elemental Space Clearingâ.


To learn more about Elemental Space Clearing® and Susan’s Services


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