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Ernest Debs Regional Park, Los Angeles



Wow! Coming into the Hike and Heal Session I wasn't sure what to expect other than a nice hike to connect with nature and a Reiki session, but it was way more than that!  We started the hike with breath work, essential oils and light stretching which was really grounding and allowed  me to be fully present to enjoy the beautiful park.  The pond at the top of the hill was so peaceful.  Just as we were discussing some of my career goals a majestic Hawk flew across our path and landed in a tree immediately in front of us.  He actually posed for us so we could get a couple of amazing photos!  His appearance gave me both confirmation and reassurance that the steps we were discussing were right on target.


Back at Hegel Headquarters we had a short talk over tea; it felt like chatting with a lifelong friend.  At that point I already felt lighter and felt like I gained some clarity.  After the refreshments I was able to take a quick shower before beginning the healing session.  In the blissful and beautiful healing room tools where laid out, and the massage table was inviting me to relax and allow the energy to flow.


I had been doing some throat chakra exercises because it felt blocked and that was the first thing Susan mentioned as she began the work. My throat feels better now! After the session I felt so connected to myself and reenergized.  It was grounded energy that made me feel light and revitalized. The healing energies continued working through out the week.


Susan was amazing! The energy flowing through her was strong yet gentle. I could feel it though my crown chakra and then all throughout my body. It was magical.  Thank you Susan!  I loved it so much I got a session for a friend who has to experience it!

Jonathan De La Torre - Actor


I came to Susan for a Hike And Heal session in huge emotional distress.  I was overwhelmed with work difficulties and in my personal life. I felt like I was losing it. I was really looking forward to the hike and heal experience! First we went to the park, which was a beautiful place filled with lots of different trees and flowers. There is even a pond with fish, turtles and ducks!  We spent about an hour and a half hiking, talking and laughing. During that time Susan really helped me get in tune with nature. When we came back to her home, Susan had prepared a delicious herbal tea and yogurt parfait. Then we got going with the energy session. It was not my first time having an energy healing with Susan, so I laid down on the table, closed my eyes and let her do her work. I was awake, but in an ultra-relaxed state where I could see and hear everything, but it seemed like it was from a distance. After Susan finished her magic on me I felt so much better. Everything suddenly got clearer and simpler, my pain was almost gone. It all suddenly made sense. I left with a plan on how to overcome my obstacles. Thank you Susan for helping me. You are the best!

Marina Skronts - Love Your Body Endermologie

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