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Top Ten Reasons to have an

  1. You've never had a clearing in your home or office
  2. You want to bring greater abundance into your life
  3. You’re preparing to sell a home
  4. You’re moving into a new home or office
  5. You want to draw new business to your doorstep
  6. You would like to improve or repair relationships
  7. You want to give your creative muscle a boost
  8. You have been ill and want an extra boost for your recovery
  9. You feel stuck in trying to achieve a goal
10. A trauma has occurred in your home or to any of the occupants


Elemental Space Clearing® combines and works with the four elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire.


Clearings can be performed in person, or remotely via your favorite video portal.  Clients will receive a pre-clearing consultation.  During the consult, we will discuss your intention(s) for the clearing: your wishes - your desires.  We will walk thru your space discussing various aspects of each area, and I will offer suggestions that you can apply to your space to enhance the effects of the clearing.

I will design and curate an altar that will reflect your stated intentions.  I will also choose specific mudras,

which are hand movements that assist in bringing your intentions to fruition.


Inspirational quotes or prayers will be used to open and close the sacred space we are creating.  Please advise if there is a particular prayer, favorite poem or quotation you would like incorporated into your ceremony.

Depending on the size of the space, expect the clearing to take approximately 2-3 hours.  It is not essential that you are present for the ceremony.  A post-clearing consultation is offered to discuss the clearing.


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